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Methods and Tools

Both markets and governments have failed to adequately account for the long-term costs to natural capital that result from short-term land exploitation. Likewise, both market and governmental incentives are not well aligned with rewarding the restoration and maintenance of natural capital---leading to an unsustainable environmental deficit for future generations.


At CEI, we have a wide array of economic methods and tools to illustrate the economic effects and consequences of conservation. Economic development is both a driver and consequence of environmental dynamics. As such, each conservation solution is unique, calling for varied methods including:

  • Market Valuation (economic impact analysis, net present valuation, contribution analysis, trend analysis);

  • Non-Market Valuation and Mixed (replacement cost, hedonic pricing, contingent valuation, willingness-to-pay, travel cost);

  • Total Valuation (econometrics and statistical analysis, cost/benefit analysis, return on investment, linear programming, net present valuation)

Software and Tools: Stata, Limdep, SPSS, IMPLAN, GIS/ESRI, FVS, Lindo, Excel, Access, ect.



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